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This is the home page of Nicola Fornasari, creative and graphic-designer, member of the band Entropia and co-founder of Xu(e) and La Petite Vague.

Nicola Fornasari was born on 25 May 1977 in Cremona (Italy). He was the bass player and singer of the hardcore band Entropia from 1995 to 2006, releasing stuff on various international compilation, a 7" on Tenia Records (ITA), a full length CD on Six Weeks Records (USA) and playing more than a hundred gigs all around Italy and Europe. He started working as Xu(e) in 2007, as Xu (his solo project) in 2010 and recently as La Petite Vague in 2012.

butterfly meets mountain

Xu new CD on Eilean Rec. SOLD OUT!
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Earthtones Vol. 2

La Petite Vague featured on Earthtones Vol. 2 (Tesselate Rec.)
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Interview on Sherwood.it

Xu and Zero Wait enSemble talking about their projects.
(ITA only)

Treize on Audio Gourmet

La Petite Vague new EP out on Audio Gourmet. Thanks to Harry Towell.
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Walls as open doors

Six years later, a video retrospective.

Recent works

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Xu(e) - Flowers recollect EP

Subterranean Tide (2014)

Twyxu - At dawn and dusk you come

Laverna (2014)

Xu - Butterfly meets Mountain

Eilean Rec. (2014)

La petite vague - Treize

Audio Gourmet (2014)